For the love of g-d, leave me alone

As you probably already figured out, I blocked you on the one dating app because I have no desire to have you in my life. Nothing has changed since 2016 when I said to leave me alone or since 2017, when my then boyfriend sent that email to you telling you to leave me alone. Just because I’m single now, nothing else has changed.

You and I have never been officially been boyfriend girlfriend, and neither one of us has ever said I Love You to each other in the 20 years since we’ve know each other. I have lost count how many fights and arguments we have been with each other, though. You’re the reason I’ve changed my number at least once. Whenever I’ve seen you in public, adrenaline shoots through my body and my fight or flight mode kicks in. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY!

“Our” story isn’t a love story – it’s a cautionary tale.

I am not your friend or your concern, and you are not mine. However, if for some reason, you actually do love me and have genuine affectionate toward me, albeit in a sick and twisted way, then you will do the right thing and leave me alone. You mess with my head and you cause me stress. You are bad for me, and I will not sacrifice my mental or physical health for you or frankly, anyone.

Even though I am not with my boyfriend anymore, he did show me what it was like to be in a loving relationship. That’s what I want again and what I deserve.

I’d rather be content and alone than miserable with someone else in the room.

Consider this my resignation from your life. Just pretend I’ve already died from stage 4 if it helps.

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