One thought on “Mets Monday: the faces of Metastatic Breast Cancer

  1. I’m beyond thrilled to have read your article on fb, and to have found your blog, etc. I thought I was pretty much a freakish mutant, bc from the get go, Pink = cringe for me, along with the wonderful images and stories of support the various originations portray. A sisterhood I’m not part of. In fact, is there really one that isn’t driven by profit??? I’m sure there are, I’m just so tired.
    (Mastectomy 2011) Never really liked pink, it doesn’t say strength and hope to me personally. Always thought a gnarly superhero would be a more appropriate “mascot” than a pink teddy bear or whatever.
    So, now… my reconstruction is incomplete. I want to move past this, however, since my current financial situation has brought me into a different health insurance world, my surgeon won’t finish the job. I have Medicare which pays 80%, and medi cal that is supposed to pick up the remainder. He, like many health providers, I’m learning, do not accept medi cal. In addition, I’m being told it’s “illegal” for him to see me. (This after I said, well screw medi cal, can I make payments on the rest?”) I asked about what resources they might have, groups I could contact. I was told, we don’t know, haven’t had a patient who has your problem. I’m a mutant alright.
    So-went to the “pink side” again, searching for resources. I gave up for a bit, too many waiting lists, reasons why I’m not eligible for help-I’m not terminal, currently undergoing treatment with babies at home, I really have a nerve asking- and need to re think the importance of my “situation” and look for solutions elsewhere.
    Anyway, sorry for the rambling. Just really wanted to say thanks.

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